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Importance of Employees State Insurance Scheme

Explain the Provisions of ESIC with Its Main Object & Applicability Criteria.  

  • ESIC = Employee State Insurance Corporation 

Answer :- 

  • Object of the Act 
    • Employee State Insurance Act, 1948 Provides the Certain Benefits / Facilities to the Workers Covered Under this Act. 
    • Such Like
      • Medical Relief
      • Sickness Relief 
      • Maternity Benefit to Female Workers 
      • Pension to Dependents 
      • Compensation in Case of Injury 
      • Treatment in Occupational Diseases. 
  • Coverage :- 
    • This Act of ESIC is Extends to whole Of India Includin J&K 
    • It Applies to All Factories (More than 20 Workers) 
    • It Applies to Casual & Contract Employees of Central Govt. 
    • Employees of Hotels , Restaurant, Road Transport , Etc Included. 
  • Does Not Applicable. :- 
    • Students Working As an Apprentice 
    • Factories where Workers Are Less than 10 
    • Seasonal Factories 
    • Mines 
    • Air Forces , Army 
    • Railway Unit 
    • Other Specified by Government. 
  • Coverage Limit :- 
    • Current Salary Limit is 21000/- From 1st Jan 2017 
    • Earlier It was 15000/- From 1st March 2010 
  • Eligible Family Member 
    • Minor Child 
    • Widow Daughter in Law 
    • Minor Child of Pre deceased Son 
    • Paternal Grandparent. 
    • Unmarried Minor Sister or Brother. 

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