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Indian Evidence Act  – AIBE Exam MCQ -Test SET 1

Indian Evidence Act  – AIBE Exam MCQ -Test SET 1

  1. Indian Evidence Act was drafted by  Sir James F. Stephen.
  2. The Law of Evidence consists of Legal Rules of Evidence.
  3. Relevancy & Admissibility under the Indian Evidence Act are neither synonymous nor co extensive.
  4. Self Regarding Statements can be self servicing or self harming.
  5. Self harming Statements is admissible but a self serving statement is not admissible.
  6. Opinion under the Evidence Act, whether on a matter of Fact or Law is not relevant.
  7. Indian Evidence Act applies to All Judicial Proceedings in Courts.
  8. Law of Evidence is Lex Fori
  9. Law of evidence is an adjective law
  10. Facts can be physically & psychological facts.
  11. Under the Evidence Act Fact means Factum probandum & factum probans
  12. Fact in Issue means Fact, – is existence or non – existence of which is disputed by the Parties.
  13. Affidavit I s not evidence
  14. Everything Produced before the court for inspection is not evidence.
  15. Written statement of an accused in criminal trial is not considered as evidence.
  16. Anything of which judicial notice can be taken is considered as Evidence.
  17. Proof of Facts Depends upon the Probability of existence but not accuracy of production.
  18. Standard of proof in Criminal Cases is much higher than in civil cases.
  19. Presumption under this Act means Presumption of Fact & Presumption of Law. \
  20. Presumption of Facts are always rebuttable
  21. Presumption of Law can be either rebuttable or Irrefutable.
  22. Relevancy can be raised any time, when Relevancy is a question of Law.
  23. Documents improperly procured & Documents procured by illegal means both are not admissible in evidence.
  24. Under section 6 of the Evidence Act, The Facts which forming part of the same transaction are relevant.
  25. Principle of “Res Gestae” means “things has Done”

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