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Offences & Penalties Under ESIC

Offences & Penalties Under ESIC  

  • ESIC = Employee State Insurance Corporation 

Answer :-  

Most Important Offences & Penalties 

Offences  Penalties 
Wrong Doing By Employer 

Imprisonment of 6 Months Max. 


Fine Upto 2000/- 

or Both 

Deducted Amount Not Paid By Employer  Imprisonment upto 3 years (Minimum 1 Year ) & Fine of Rs. 10000/- 
Contribution Not Paid By Employer  Imprisonment upto 6 months to 3 Years & Fine of Rs. 5000/- 
Deduction & Reduction of Salary of Employee  Imprison ment upto 1 year or Fine Upto Rs. 4000/- or Both.

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